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This page includes a list of questions about locks, keys, and security issues that you commonly encounter

We definitely provide short answers on usual matters concerning locks! Learn why it is important to trust your locksmith and why some tasks must not be fixed by you.

Do I have to stick to one dealer for car key changes?

Different locksmiths have experience of dealing with different products from a range of manufacturers. The locksmith is more often than not, much cheaper than the dealer. As always it is a combination of practicality and personal preferences. If something works for you then there is absolutely no need to change it. Our staff can provide you with more information.

Can I make my own tension wrenches and picks?

It is not advisable unless you have the right technical skills. It is much better to get professional help when you need it than to spoil your entire installation. It is important to use spring steel and a bobby pin. Do not allow the steel to get hot as you grind because that can lead to distortions. Above all pay attention to your personal safety.

Why some perpetrators prefer back doors?

Back doors are usually neglected and kept unlocked most hours of the day. Some people will even forget to lock them during the nighttime and intruders know that. Back doors do not usually have durable security locks nor alarm systems and other burglar deterrents.

Will the mortise lock work for me?

It is true that our experts recommend the five-lever variety. This is because they are known to provide an extra level of security. Moreover they comply with many building regulations depending on your locality. Eventually they are the most cost effective solution.

Are key duplicates really necessary?

If you can absolutely guarantee that you will not at one point accidentally misplace the original set of keys, you definitely have no need for key duplicates. However, since you cannot guarantee this then it is always more prudent to have a key duplicate ready just in case of an emergency. It always pays to be well prepared no matter what the situation.

Can I install my locks alone?

It's never advisable to handle such important tasks alone. Lock installation is better done by our professionals in Gold Canyon so that you can be sure that the new dead bolt is installed correctly and you that won't face security issues tomorrow. After all, door locks have differences and various procedures might be required for their installation.

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